Holiday Hijinx

When you’re in a relationship with someone that has a demanding job, you quickly learn the difference between wants and needs. For example, I want to spend the holidays with both MBH, my family and our friends, and tackle all our wedding planning in one fell swoop during the visit. I need food, water, and air (and massages).

Over the years that we’ve been together, I have gotten used to spending holidays on my own, and if I am, I’ve usually gone home for the major ones like Christmas or Thanksgiving, which gives me a chance to be silly with my friends (look left) and visit with family.

This year, with a wedding of our own to plan, 3 others to attend next year, and limited vacation time, we thought we’d tackle the bulk of the hard work over holiday visits… but that’s not quite how it’s working out.

If you know me, you know I always have a (probably diabolical) plan or two up my sleeve, and I don’t like whatsoever when those plans might be thwarted. Even worse is when I don’t fully have chance to even GET STARTED on the plan, because we simply aren’t able to be down in Orlando all of the time visiting vendors.

And if you know me well, you know that I find it extremely hard to be pleasant whenever I’m displeased about something (well, anything).

So even though I know wherever we are, MBH and I will have a happy holiday together this year, and even though I REALLY know that instead of being cranky I should be at the very least grateful to have the time with him, because there are many more holidays in our future that will be spent apart… I just can’t help being frustrated that our  supposedly perfect plan isn’t going perfectly according to plan just yet.

Cue massage.

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