Ladies in Waiting

This post celebrates both my fabulous friends and my first successful DIY wedding project! Thanks to the help of DIY design studio Zazzle and free, customizable “will you be my bridesmaid?” artwork from Wedding Chicks, I was able to create lovely high-quality notecards (in Gator orange & blue!) for each of my five bridesmaids for less than $20 total.

Inside, I handwrote personal notes to each of them about why they are so important to me, and how much it would mean to me for them to share the day. I was extra excited because it was also my first chance to test out the Kate & MBH address stamp I had made from Emilie Friday – it came out far better than I’d hoped, and will save so much time when it comes to invites & RSVP envelopes! And I also learned to wait AGES for the ink to dry… so this was a pretty informative dry run!

My favorite part of the cards was actually the back, where I’d placed a photo of myself and each bridesmaid. Even though hardly any of the girls saw it until I nudged them to check, it was something I felt made it really personal and special to the relationships I have with each of them (which is apparently drinking, given that the photos respectively took place at a bar, another bar, a party, a tailgate, and a beerfest). At least we know the wedding will be fun!

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