Onward & Upward

Our new year came with unexpectedly sad news: the passing of MBH’s dad. After a couple chaotic weeks for him, dealing with the logistics of closing up a home and a business and designing a way to memorialize a life, we were back in Santa Barbara once again this year, this time to say goodbye.
Back at home now, the year feels like it’s barely begun, and yet the month is more than halfway over. We’ve taken all our Christmas decor down (though the tree is still outside). Wedding plans are being finalized in a flurry: MBH has been assigned honeymoon planning & a “getaway” wedding exit for the two of us. We had a slight snafu when the original photographers I fell in love with announced they were moving to the West Coast, but I believe everything works out for a reason, and we’ve found a husband and wife team I couldn’t be happier with: Studio 222 Photography.
Back on the work front, we said goodbye to the team MBH has worked with for the past three years, and we prepare to meet his new group of co-workers and a new work home for him. My work has steadily increased with the signing of three new contracts – busier than ever and still burning the candle at all ends. We have made more time to celebrate life with each other: a dinner a deux at local favorite One Fish Two Fish for restaurant week, my first gin & tonic which was a delightful surprise and puts me well on the way to finding my signature “adult” drink (apparently Jack & Cokes don’t cut it, according to MBH).

Life is moving faster than ever, so we’re taking the time to appreciate the friends we have here, the life we’ve made together, and the things that have meaning for us.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2011!

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