Southern Roots

When you are Southern, there are just some things you are born loving. SEC Football, tubing down rivers, being barefoot, and boiled peanuts. My family still owns farmland in Georgia where peanuts are one of the main crops… so boiling them into deliciousness is in my blood.
MBH has never understood my obsession with boiled peanuts. He doesn’t like the taste of them, doesn’t like the smell of them, and doesn’t love that I can hoover down an entire can of them. Yep… I said can. Until today, I got my quick fix from the Peanut Patch.

When our CSA a few weeks ago included a burlap bag of Virginia peanuts, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. A little intimidated, I did some research Googled, and figured another Southerner, Paula Deen, would know how best to fix them just the way I liked… and then was shocked to realize that making boiled peanuts is as easy as it sounds. You just boil them. With a heck of a lot of salt, but still… you just add water & heat and your work is pretty much done.

I’ve been taste-testing my first batch over the last hour, and so far so good for the generic kind. For MBH, who loves all things spicy, next up is a hot, spiced version to see if I can make him a convert after all.


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