6 Months New Years Check In

I think July is officially the halfway point for the year, so I figured it was about time to remember check in on my new year’s resolutions.

  1. Run a 5K: Still nowhere close, BUT I am running more. And I did download the “Couch to 5K” app. So… I guess that counts as starting?
  2. Get involved in local politics: I actually wanted to do this post just so I could brag that I did indeed call my state rep today about keeping horse slaughter banned. Call yours!!
  3. Eat more fruit: Not sure that Orange Juice and strawberry jam count, but if they do, success!!!
  4. Volunteer: Totally forgot about this one.
  5. Get Lola therapy dog certified: Totally haven’t started this one.
  6. Finish the longstanding personal project many of you have heard about: THIS ONE IS DONE!!!! YAY!!!! Now onto phase 2.
  7. Find a signature drink: It’s looking like whiskey and coke is going to be the winner here. Maybe someday I will be extra cool and get down to just whiskey. New goal for 2012!!



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