Food Diary!

My favorite person Kelly is also a talented dietician and her blog has been encouraging me to be more accountable about the things I choose to eat, and this food diary is thanks to her good influence.

WAY too much cheese at the beginning of the week between quesadillas, cheese & crackers and pizza… tried to lighten up with artichokes and more veggies mid-week… I thought being a vegetarian would mean I would be eating lots more vegetables, but that’s just not the case it seems… huh.



Workout: 1 hour yoga
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ blueberries, Coffee
Lunch: Leftover veggie quesadillas w/ salsa and sour cream
Dinner: Cheese & Crackers, 4 glasses wine (yikes! But also yum!)

Fruit: 1 (unless we are counting wine, then FIVE!!!)
Veggies: 1

Workout: None
Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Assorted sushi (inc. avocado/cucumber)
Dinner: 2 slices pineapple pizza w/ ranch, cheese & crackers
Snack: 1 piece chocolate, glass of O.J.

Fruit: 2
Veggies: 1

Workout: 1 hour yoga, 1 hour cardio
Breakfast: 1 slice pineapple pizza w/ ranch, Coffee
Lunch: Black bean & avocado tacos w/ lettuce, tortilla chips, apple juice
Dinner: 1 slice pineapple pizza w/ ranch, steamed artichoke with curried mayo/melted butter

Fruit: 4
Veggies: 2
Workout: 1 hour yoga, 1 hour cardio
Breakfast: OJ, oatmeal w/ blueberries, coffee
Lunch: Chicken Salad sandwich, fruit, water (catered client meeting, or would never have had meat… womp womp…)
Snack: Raisinettes
Dinner: Wonton soup with crunchy noodles, two fortune cookies

Fruit: 4
Veggies: 1
Workout: None
Breakfast: Two fortune cookies, oatmeal w/ blueberries, coffee
Lunch: Vegetarian salad bowl from Chipotle: Rice, black beans, grilled onions and peppers, lettuce, corn, salsa and avocado
Dinner: We are headed to a baseball game, which means more than likely we will end up drinking our dinner… but I’m already ahead of the game today as far as fruits & veggies go, so won’t feel too guilty J

Fruit: 3
Veggies: 3

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  1. kelly says:

    YAY! So glad that you are doing this, it really makes you realize what you eat…. I need more veggies also


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