Lola Has a Twin!

The other day, I was investigating outdoor & farm blogs for work when I came across Farm Girl Fare. A few posts in, I stopped in shock as I saw a photo of a dog with long, silky black fur, a white patch on the front chest, brown paws, and pointy ears.

Sound familiar?

I scrolled through all the photos of this awesome dog, and couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t tell the difference! It was like Lola was living a double life: cozy house dog in Virginia by night, but when we go to work, she somehow transports herself to Missouri to work all day at the farm.

Of course I emailed the wonderful woman behind the blog to tell her all about my discovery. And OF COURSE I included photos of Lola so she could be just as excited. 🙂

She wrote me back, I wrote her back (with tales of how awesome Lola is at sheepherding) and she then wrote me back with the awesome (and in hindsight, kind of obvious) idea: could Lola have been the puppy of a farm dog?

She was good at wrangling sheep after all, and she had been found in Chesapeake, which is a relatively more remote area of Virginia (as compared to Virginia Beach anyway), AND she bears a startling resemblance & has all the mannerisms of the breed of her doppleganger – English Shepherds (link courtesy of FarmGirlFare).

It was like a lightbulb went off – no wonder Lola loves being outdoors all day and sitting on our porch to watch the neighborhood goings-on guard the house! She was meant to do that! And it makes me so happy to think that she was just a farm escapee instead of an abandoned puppy to a shelter – and that somewhere out there (cue Fievel songs) she has brothers & sisters & dopplegangers hard at work at farms and homes of their own!

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