Pre-Bachelorette Weekend

I’m still playing catch up from being in New Orleans and the massive amounts of hurricanes I drank there… but wanted to start the series of bachelorette posts with what we expected beforehand:

D: “I told Ryan I was going to get blackout drunk in NOLA, and he suddenly got all concerned and said, “Well, be careful, you should write the name and address of your hotel down so you can show cab drivers. And if you wander down a street and get separated, that would be bad,” to which I said, “It’s fine. These are my girls. We’re used to this!””

K: “I was thinking we should write the hotel on our hands but that’s pretty much also a giveaway to creepy murderers (as opposed to the non-creepy ones) too.”

A: “I don’t know about other phones but i know on the i-phone we can use the loopt ap to find each other. And we can store the hotels address in our phones. But think about it this way, we’ve always been fine and have never lost anyone (at least not permanently) and that was before smart phones so I think we’ll be just fine. We’re pros at this!”

L: “Most of the bars we’ll end up at are on the same street as our hotel…we can just wander until one looks right!”

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