Vegan Blog Roundup

Going vegetarian was something I initially decided to do on a whim while MBH would be out of town for a while for work. I went to the library, stocked up on a bunch of books recommended by the Humane Society (I figured I’d need help sticking to it) and then just went for it. Stirfry, salad and soup – how hard could it be?

And it wasn’t that bad – at first, I still craved pulled pork, and to this day if MBH makes tri-tip at home I’ll have a few bites, but overall, I haven’t missed meat. And I’m healthier, happier and skinnier without it. I still eat cheese, fish, and seafood, although I’m slowly inching my way toward becoming more and more vegan.

Because it’s been so easy for me – and because the more I read about it, the more I believe in it – I thought I’d share some of the other places I’ve been finding inspiration. Southern Living and Real Simple are still two of my favorite places to find new vegetarian recipes (and two of MBH’s all-time favorite meals are from there) but these blogs are focused entirely on vegan and vegetarian eating – and on keeping the whole family involved and happy with the choice:

Oh She Glows: Everything from vegan entrees to delicious desserts like pumpkin spiced doughnuts, this blog is also home to the “Green Monster Smoothie” of which I am now a devotee.

Peas and Thank You: A new discovery for me – this blog has a section about how to turn your man into a vegan (Step One: Let it be his choice… already blew that one!) and recipes to keep him happy.

Chocolate Covered Katie: Vegan dessert recipes – healthy ones too! She has a great recipe for vegan cool whip that I can’t wait to try!!

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  1. kelly says:

    I just got the Peas and THank you cookbook and I love it. We have made 3 recipes already and Ryan even “enjoyed” the Thai Veggie Burgers! Although he made it known that that would not be replacing his beef burgers! You need to get the cookbook asap. I can send you some more good veggie blogs that I like a lot also


  2. kelly says:

    Oh and you should share the 2 recipes that CL loves….


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