Life Lists

I felt super-motivated right when I woke up today… then spent an hour and a half on Pinterest… on my phone, still lying in bed. Then I decided I needed more Pinterest boards, so I was motivated enough to get up and get to the computer… where I spent an hour and a half re-arranging them.

Somehow that turned into using our first weekend at home in ages reorganizing and cleaning out file folders – both on the computer and in our office, but the upside of that (aside from feeling AWESOME) was that I found some old wish lists on scrap paper and thought I’d add them here for posterity. I’m a huge fan of lists – life and otherwise – and it gives me great joy when I can cross things off. I’m serious. I get a weird amount of joy from it.

But without further ado – here’s some life lists I created way back around 2005 and 2006:

I made this list when I knew MBH and I were planning to move in together – I wanted to make sure I did every last thing I’d dreamed of when I’d moved to LA! Still have a few I need to achieve but luckily we’ll be in LA this April!

  • Catalina Island
  • Lakers Game
  • Yosemite
  • Drinks at the Chateau Marmont
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Griffith Park Observatory
  • Dodgers Game
  • San Francisco
  • The Ivy
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs

This was literally the only thing on there – I guess my dreams are really pretty simple. Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish!

  • Ride Elephant

One down!

  • Celebrity Publicist
  • Novelist
  • Bartender in Exotic Locale
  • Freelance Writer
  • Anything Abroad

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