Dream Travel List

This is another list I found in the files – somehow MBH didn’t agree to either a communist country tour OR a cattle drive for the honeymoon, so those still make the list.

As many places as I HAVE been (Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein, Austria, Denmark, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, England, Ireland, Greece, the Netherlands, and probably some other places I’ve forgotten at this point) there’s still so much of the world to see.

I made this list after my European semester abroad, so many of the places I’d dreamed of seeing then aren’t on this list because they’d already been seen. It’s an amazing reminder of how big the world is, and much more I’d still like to do and see.

1. Cuba
2. Australia
3. Morocco
4. Tahiti
5. Prague
6. Yugoslavia
7. Mexico
8. Costa Rica
9. Brazil
10. Canada
11. Sweden
12. Turkey
13. Puerto Rico
14. All 50 states
15. New Zealand
16. Egypt
17. China
18. Japan
19. Korea
20. Africa
21. Fiji
22. Israel
23. Palestine
24. Argentina
25. Jamaica
26. South Africa
27. India
28. St. Thomas
29. Dubai
30. Russia
31. Antarctica

1. Communist Country Tour
2. Cattle Drive

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