A Few Happy Hours in Charleston

MBH & I are known for our love of drinks, especially drinks in fancy places. So when a wedding for dear friends brought us to Charleston for a beach house weekend, we were firmly in the ‘head out on the town’ camp.

We stayed at Wild Dunes Resort, where the wedding was held, on the Isle of Palms. The bride’s family had spent summers there growing up – it wasn’t hard to see why. Rows of quaint townhouses, steps from the beach, bikes rested against fence posts – it was an idyllic little beach town, all its own.

It was a short hop from the resort to downtown Charleston, where our gang spent the day exploring. MBH & I loved The Gin Joint – so much so that we went twice!
The drinks all have evocative Southern names and the menu changes seasonally. The bartenders are more than willing to experiment with you until you find one you like!

After a couple hours there, our group made our way down East Bay Street to Grill 225 where we tried a drink that came with a hazard warning: the Nitrotini.
It was pretty delicious but a drink with waves of dry ice coming off it was a novelty we couldn’t pass up.

Charleston was at the top of my travel wish list for a while and it lived up to expectations! There were so many unique places to explore, it’s a city you could lose yourself in again and again.

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