Tasting the Lowcountry

One of our quick stops in Charleston was to Charleston Cooks! – a cook store utopia off East Bay Street.
A friend had gifted me with “Taste of the Lowcountry” a few years back and with it, some of the biggest potluck & BBQ hits of our lives. The Blue Cheese Slaw is always specially requested!

The store has become a tourist destination and even offers cooking classes & demos.

We popped in to pick up a second cookbook “Seafood Favorites” and get back to our self-made Charleston cocktail crawl.
“Seafood Favorites” has quickly become just that. It’s Ahi Tuna recipe is amazing and for a pescatarian who lives with a carnivore, you can never have too many delicious seafood recipes on hand.

In visiting a place so well-known for its food, it’s nice to bring a taste of the lowcountry back with you.

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