A D.C. Getaway

MBH and I took our son up to Washington, D.C. for a quick weekend getaway because the Dodgers were in town to play the Nationals, and as committed fans, we couldn’t pass the chance up.

We were so excited for our son’s first baseball game, but he was a bit too young to enthusiastically participate.
He’s only 17 months, so while he loves watching baseball on TV and runs upstairs to grab his Dodgers hat, the actual in-ballpark experience was a bit much for him.
Too hot, too crowded, too many things to see and not touch, so we spent most of our time in the cool shade of the concourse, watching passerby and toddling up and down between the various vendors instead.
After a light failure (thanks T. Swift) put the game on pause early, my son & I Uber’d back to our Georgetown hotel, while our husband stayed on at the game with friends.

In the morning, fully rested and ready to start our day at a normal toddler-time of 7 AM, we ventured out into Georgetown for brunch at Bread & Chocolate, chosen for the awesomeness of the name and all it promised, including being open at 7 AM for our much-needed coffee-fix.
And boy, did it deliver. Both MBH and I went for the full brunch, which meant in addition to our delicious entrees, we got a basket of the pastries they’re known for best.
These were also our son’s favorite part. We’ve become even better tippers now thanks to the mess we tend to leave behind in our wake now.


With three full bellies, and two large coffees to go, it was the perfect time… to head back to the hotel for our son’s morning nap. Someday, someone will be able to explain to me why a toddler will wake up before 7 AM, only to need a nap again by 9. Someday…

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