Goodbye to a Darling Companion

We said goodbye to our beloved Lola this past weekend, and even though it was time, we are heartbroken. She was our first baby and just the best dog.
She rocked at sheepherding & Halloween costumes. She loved walking on the beach, stealing leftovers, and napping in the sun. She’d do anything – except swim – if treats were involved. It took her three years to finally figure out the doghouse MBH built for her, but she knew every time that an open SUV trunk meant we were taking her on an adventure.
She was our constant companion on road trips, at bbqs, and parties, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who adjusted plans & always let her tag along so we could be there and care for her, too. Eight years, hundreds of seizures, and 23,000 pills later we’d do it all again.
The best thing, for me, is seeing how much our son loved her too. He’d pull out her dog biscuits from the pantry so he could give her one (or five). As soon as he could throw, he was throwing toys to her. And toward the end, he’d try to help lift her up when she couldn’t do it alone. They were the sweetest babies together.
And even though she’s not gone, she’s just not here – we’ll miss her just the same. We love you, Lulu. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

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