The Westin Georgetown

MBH and I have traveled enough with our son that we’ve got it down to something of an art. We can explore the town until 7 PM, at which point our son typically hits a hard stop and it’s bedtime!

So we’ve mastered going big, then going home.

During our D.C. getaway, our home was The Westin Georgetown.

We ordered up a crib, unpacked and set off to explore the city. Georgetown is one of my favorite parts of D.C. – I love the cobblestone streets, the old-world storefronts, and the fact that most everything is walkable.

After our Dodgers game and our brunch at Bread & Chocolate, I had my eye on a SoulCycle class on the street corner, but alas, hadn’t packed any workout gear. The Westin, however, could have saved the day:

Unfortunately nap times and our schedules did not align. Another time, SoulCycle! I’ve got my eye on you!

Since we were coming and going from so many other activities in D.C., when it came time to eat, we stuck mostly close to home. Downstairs in the Westin were two excellent restaurants, The Caucus Room, a steakhouse, and Boveda, a Latin speakeasy. Neither are particularly kid-friendly but as with most places, as long as you stick to the early hours, it wasn’t a problem.

MBH & I were able to sneak a few happy hours in, our son was able to get a few snacks, and our hardest problem was keeping him away from the stacks of pistachio chocolate that awaited us in the Westin lobby.

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