End of Summer Easy Peach Crisp

Fruit crisps are one of my all-time favorite desserts to make. Easy, healthy and delicious, they are incredibly simple to make, which is hugely important to a cook like me. The only ingredients are fruit, granola, cinnamon & nutmeg, honey, and butter, so it’s insanely healthy for a dessert and a great option for paleo eaters as well.

To celebrate the end of summer peaches, we brought this version to a friend’s cookout, but my personal favorite uses delicious green Granny Smith apples instead.

Start with the fruit of your choice.
Add in cinnamon & nutmeg to taste – use enough to distribute evenly through your bowl of fruit.
Mix in honey – enough to coat.
Flatten out in your baking dish and cover with the granola of your choice. We like Quaker Oats, which MBH eats for breakfast as well. My favorite for crisps is the version with raisins – they add a chewy deliciousness and mix perfectly with the fruit.
Add a few pats of butter on top to soften the granola and bake for thirty minutes or so.
This dessert is a huge crowd pleaser. Delicious alone or with ice cream, it is also outstanding the next morning as a decadent breakfast – if there are any leftovers!

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