Fall Bucket List

I love lists, especially bucket ones. I love thinking about what you really want from life and deciding to go make it happen. I’d never really thought about a seasonal bucket list until I’d seen them pop up on Pinterest, and so I really thought about what we’d like to do this fall in Virginia, which seems like the perfect state to celebrate autumn.

  1. Drive to see the leaves change. The Blue Ridge Parkway isn’t terribly far from us, but we’ll probably stick closer to home this season since a toddler isn’t usually on board for road trips of any length and find someplace to do a gorgeous walk amongst the falling leaves.
  2. Bake pumpkin muffins for the neighbors. Our neighborhood is fantastic about creating a sense of community, celebrating with huge block parties, progressive dinners, and a few boozy brunches. I’m actually surrounded by the dogs of two of them I’m pet-sitting at the moment. I’d love to pay it forward by baking to share, especially with a few of our older neighbors. An old sorority sister inspired me with her “adopt-a-Grandma” campaign she’s running with her own neighbors and I’d love to do something nice for the folks we see every day and hopefully brighten their day this fall.
  3. Decorate for Halloween. Each year we get a little spookier, and having a child makes every holiday a bit more fun. This window decor was so easy and a huge hit last year.
  4. Tailgate. We went up to MBH’s alma mater, but ended up not watching one play of the game – too busy catching up with friends. I’m counting it!
  5. Get an epic pumpkin photo. No pressure, but it’s got to be as good as last year’s.
  6. Make a pie. I’ve never tried one before, but fall seems like the perfect time to do it.
  7. Try a capsule wardrobe. I love boots and plaid and bomber jackets and this fall, I’ll be seeing if I can stick to wearing less than 40 items of clothes the whole season. We’ll see!
  8. Call my grandfather weekly. He’s the last grandparent I have and I’d love to be more diligent about calling him in Colorado.
  9. Make apple cider. I have an easy, delicious recipe that keeps you warm & healthy all winter that I’ll share soon!
  10. Have a photo shoot in a leaf pile. Because something my toddler needs is the chance to jump into a big pile of stuff his dad just raked up.
  11. Donate to a Food Bank. Having a child has made me a lot more conscious of how fortunate we are, and how much I want to raise my little man into someone who always helps.
  12. Make chili. There’s nothing better for fall football.
  13. Bike ride to breweries. We’re fortunate to live by a few, and they’re perfect for a young family – lots of room for kids to run around, and lots of beverages for mom & dad!
  14. Carve a pumpkin. Last year we only bought one and it lived on our doorstep til nearly Christmas. I think this is our year to carve!
  15. Create another epic Halloween costume. Last year’s is the new one to beat.


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