Our Holiday Card Tradition

I absolutely love the holidays. Cooler weather, cozy evenings, and endless holiday parties makes my heart happy.

MBH & I tend to celebrate in traditional ways – we make egg nog from his secret family recipe, we play in the snow, and we always, always send holiday cards.

Holiday cards are one of my favorite traditions. I love hearing from friends near and far and seeing how their families have grown. I love folks who also include an annual letter (although we don’t. MBH hates them and think they always come off a tad humblebraggy). And I LOVE displaying them. We put ours up in the kitchen, affixed to our pantry door, and it makes the holiday season that much cheerier seeing the faces of those we love.


Although last year, having a curious baby around made this set up more of a challenge.


Getting the perfect photo can also be a challenge. Last year, it took about 400 photos before I got a shot of my wriggly ten-month-old I was remotely happy with.
Nearly all my shots turned out more like this:


But as the holiday season approaches, one friend (who lost her baby son to cancer this past year) said something I couldn’t shake. She spoke about how difficult it was to scroll through holiday cards because this wasn’t their best year ever. It was their worst year, and she didn’t feel joyous or merry or glad, and none of the cards quite captured what for them, is going to be a very difficult holiday season.

I told her to go to Zazzle and make her own.

I’ve talked before about my love for Zazzle. I made my bridesmaid cards there, several t-shirts for MBH with various inside jokes printed on them, and even the save-the-dates for our wedding. If you want to create something unique and top-quality, Zazzle can help.

They also have a gorgeous line of pre-designed holiday cards – and for the next two days, 50% off with the code SENDYOURCARD.

This year, we have a big announcement coming up (watch this space!) and we’ll be using our holiday cards to give our friends & family an update (still no letter though) – although since it will probably be well into January by the time the cards arrive, my eye is on their collection of New Years’ cards!

But we’ll look forward to getting all of our friends’ cards and celebrating with them near & far!
This post supported by Zazzle, whose holiday cards this year are a true delight. Check them out here or make your own! 

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  1. thatmishmash says:

    Loved this post . Happy holidays to you .


    1. Kate says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment & have a wonderful holiday!

      Liked by 1 person

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