Our Son Eats Sushi

Kind of. He loves using chopsticks, he loves the sticky rice, he’s… warming up to eating raw fish.


For a kid who downed a plate of kimchi alone, and is typically a “good eater” I was actually very surprised he is so far skipping the raw fish.


But he knows what he likes, and we don’t force it. He’ll get around to the best parts of sushi eventually. We took him to our first sushi-go-round and ordered an obscene amount of food. They charge by the color-coded plates, and our entire meal ended up only close to $40.


Our son, however, started with shrimp sushi and then promptly lost interest when he saw that the little Japanese girl at the table behind us had French fries. Thoughts of sushi forgotten, he stood by their table, hand outstretched toward the fries and wailed, while we frantically tapped buttons on the table-side screen to figure out how the heck to get French fries to the table.


Once we got them, he was so happy, he downed them as fast as a little kid possibly could – by basically drinking them:


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  1. Ginger says:

    If it makes you feel better, I’ve been told by Japanese spouses that they don’t do sushi until kids are older than 3.


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