Off to Okinawa!

After a few weeks of drizzly rain and chill, we took an opportunity to hop down to Okinawa. We boarded our flight, awaited the incredible views of Mt. Fuji among the clouds we’d been forewarned to look out for and then napped the whole rest of the way. It was quite possibly the easiest flight ever.


When we landed, welcome views like this greeted us.


After you grow up in a tropical locale like Florida, it’s hard to adjust to cooler weather. Even now, at least a decade removed from being a Floridian, palm trees and sunshine are still my happiest view.

Even though it was too cold to really swim (swim season in Okinawa runs from around mid-April-September), we made the most of the beach time.


Throwing rocks…


Smashing sand…


Being rebellious by breaking the age limits on paddle boarding…


And enjoying blue skies, clear water, and warm sunshine for a week or so!



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