Fuji Safari Park


It’s no secret that I am obsessed with safaris. I love animals. I love nature. Seeing animals IN their natural habitat is something of a perfect fit, and we even have a separate savings account dedicated toward going on an African safari, one small weekly deposit at a time.

So when I learned there was an animal park here in Japan near Mt. Fuji called the Fuji Safari Park, I quickly booked a trip for myself and my two-year-old.

It quickly became one of my favorite tours for kids we’ve done in Japan.

There were bears.

bears at Fuji Safari Park

And lions.

Lions at Fuji Safari ParkFuji Safari Park 3


And tigers. Oh my!

Tigers in Japan

My son was FASCINATED. We loved every second of seeing the animals, and this is one of the first parks we’d visited in Asia where I felt the animals had adequate room to roam.

Parks with Children in Japan

When we arrived, we headed straight for the safari walking trail. I left my stroller behind out of necessity, only to find that my toddler definitely wanted to be carried the majority of the trail – no small feat at seven months pregnant (at the time). But we (mostly) made it!

Safari Walking Trail

Animals roamed through the mist completely oblivious to the cars & buses passing by.

Safari Walking TrailWalking Trail

We even caught a glimpse of this very rare kangaroo and her adorable joey!


Best of all was the ability to get up close with animals we never would have experienced like this in the States – the kangaroos.

Fuji Safari Park 11Fuji Safari Park 12Fuji Safari Park 13

Sometimes we got a little *too* close!

Petting KangaroosPetting KangaroosPetting Kangaroos

We took a little break to bet on the ponies.

Horse Race

My son called the winner! Next time we’ll put money on his guess!

Fuji Safari Park 18Fuji Safari Park 19

Our final stop was on the Rhino Bus my son couldn’t stop talking about for weeks afterward.

Rhino BusSelfie

All sorts of animals came up to visit the bus…

Feed the Bears

…because we have snacks! It was such a neat opportunity to see these incredible animals up close and give them their food.

Fuji Safari Park 23Feeding Lions

To get the most out of Fuji Safari Park, visit on a warm, clear day. The walking trail was very doable with small children as long as you’re willing to carry them for a bit if they get tired – but its views of the animals in their habitats shouldn’t be missed. We LOVED the opportunity to feed the lions and bears – make sure that part of the park is on your must-do list! For more information & tickets, visit their website here: http://www.fujisafari.co.jp/english/

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chetnaa Dua says:

    Thankyou for sharing this! I am planning to take my family here for the upcoming long weekend…seems like a fun place!


    1. Kate says:

      We really enjoyed it. Have fun!!


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