Hiking Kawazu Seven Falls



Just before the heat of the summer got unbearable, a dear friend and I took all our kids down for a weekend away on the Izu Peninsula. We’d been on the lookout for easy road trips, and this fit the bill for a seven-month-pregnant person: all its famous hikes were reputed to be ridiculously easy but so, so gorgeous. With both those qualities in mind, we set out for Japan’s famed ‘Seven Waterfalls’ above Kawazu.

Tucked into the mountains, the first waterfall is just off the main road and while pretty, isn’t terribly impressive on its own.

Japanese Waterfall

Although clearly the many Japanese people who visited before us disagree.

Prayer Requests

We began our walk up a paved pathway – perfectly easy. A smiling Buddha greeted up and sent us on our way, and as promised, the path was phenomenally easy.


There was even a foot onsen to stop and enjoy.

Japanese Onsen

And some truly spectacular waterfalls.Japanese Waterfalls

Which some people never wanted to leave.Japanese Waterfall Hike

There were rocks you could wish on… if you could toss your rocks into the basket set atop the highest point. Wishing Rock

More stone couples, enjoying the sights.


Our turn for a photo! Only one of us was ready…img_4395Japanese Waterfalls

The waterfalls got more beautiful but subduing my son was becoming a full time job. Perfect PictureJapanese Waterfalls

Finally we saw a bridge that he could go up and play!Wooden Bridge

Although what he really wanted to do was this.img_4235img_4236

But then it was back to running.Running Across the Bridge

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls. I’m so glad we did the hike. It was so great to be outdoors and a few Japanese people were pretty impressed that I hiked along on something this big. To learn more, or to drive there yourselves, visit http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6313.html.

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