Out & About in the Izu Peninsula


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Our girls weekday trip to the Izu Peninsula was a pretty awesome respite from the hustle-and-bustle tourism we always get up to in Tokyo. We had gorgeous weather during our short road trip and we took full advantage, hitting up a local geopark that boasted a pretty cool cave and sand ski area. What’s that you ask? Read on…

Izu Peninsula GeoparkIzu Peninsula Geopark

We spent forty minutes or so exploring the cave – I ventured out near the opening to get a better view and nearly stepped on a snake, so that was that and I was content to view the rest from afar.

Izu Peninsula GeoparkIzu Peninsula Geopark

Right up the road was a pretty cool sand ski area where families were sledding. We tried our best with our roller slide seats, but they weren’t quite slidy enough, so we’ll have to go back next time with legit sleds.

Sand SkiSand SkiSand SkiJapanese Coast

By the end of the trip, we were lounging at a nearly empty beach by our hotel, when a film crew came up to shoot! We have no idea what this was for, but we’re on the lookout.

Japanese TVIzu Peninsula

Just a short drive from the Tokyo area, the Izu Peninsula is a perfect weekend getaway. Visit here for more information in English.

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