Tokyo DisneySea!


tokyo disneysea

On what started out as an overcast, cloudy day this summer, my son and I drove out to Tokyo DisneySea to enjoy some one-on-one time before his little sister arrived and gave him some competition made us a family of four.

He’s not much on rides yet at this age (2), so the Toyville Trolley Park was a good place to start.

Tokyo DisneySea

He was mesmerized by the Mr. Potato Head show.

Tokyo DisneySea

And loved stomping on the carnival games.

Tokyo DisneySeaTokyo DisneySea

I’m constantly impressed with how amazingly organized Japan’s stroller sections are.

Tokyo DisneySea

Once we were done in Toyville, we walked a few feet over to a splash pad. We hadn’t really prepared for a warm day since rain had been in the forecast, so we hadn’t brought a swimsuit. My son didn’t let that stand in his way.

Tokyo DisneySea

He needed a little incentive to leave the splash pad and put his clothes back on after.

Japan Disney

We took off to explore the rest of Tokyo DisneySea. It’s a pretty incredible park – and I was blown away. It was bigger & better than I’d imagined – similar to Epcot in Orlando with multiple countries, the park is set up with various Sea ports around the world, real and imaginary.

An Old World harbor…

Tokyo DisneySea

An Arabian harbor…

Tokyo DisneySea

Where my son found a new best friend.

Tokyo DisneySeaTokyo DisneySea

And was willing to try out a carousel.

Tokyo DisneySea

And we continued our summer of Japanese desserts with a combination crushed ice slurpee with vanilla ice cream. Oishii!

Tokyo DisneySea

We ended our day back at the Mediterranean Harbor, just in time for a gorgeous view and some volcano action.

Tokyo DisneySeaJapan Disney

For more information on Tokyo DisneySea, visit the website here.  While we loved Tokyo Disney, if you have to choose between the two while in Japan, I’d recommend Tokyo DisneySea. It’s completely unique to Japan. Where Tokyo Disney is similar to Disneyland and Disney World with all the classic rides, Tokyo DisneySea is something only available in Tokyo.

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