Sake Brewing in Osaka



Since I was pregnant most of our first year in Japan, once our second year began (I mean, obviously once our daughter was born) I was most excited about learning to love sake! To get ready for that momentous occasion, we stopped into a sake museum/brewery in the Osaka area and learned how it was historically made.


All the details of which I’ve pretty much forgotten. But they used to wear woven shoes, rake the rice into beautifully zen piles, and uh… use pulleys to lift stuff. Enjoy!


We’d basically gone to try some sake (and especially their sake ice cream) but they were out of ice cream, the August humidity was brutally hot, and no one was in the mood to actually drink sake…. so we just learned a (very tiny bit) about the ancient process!


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  1. Anthony says:

    I always see those barrels when they are starting something….new business, new political party…stuff like that. I wonder what they cost.


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