My Best Productivity Trick for TODAY

MBH likes to call me the laziest productive person he’s ever met. It’s true. I do love me some naps. Fiercely.

I’ve also learned studied two languages, written four novels, traveled around the world, launched a popular travel blog (it’s this one!) and am raising two wonderful kids, who are still little enough that when I try to leave a room without them it’s like someone pushed a red alert button on their hearts. And also I nap a lot!

Since we moved back, I’ve added in canvassing and phone banking for a congressional candidate, plenty of time exploring our new home, and was named a volunteer district leader for The Humane Society, an organization near and dear to my heart.

The best trick I’ve learned to getting done moving forward on everything you want to accomplish is something called time blocking – and I wrote about it for TODAY‘s Parenting Section. Enjoy!


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