My Kids Don’t See Me Work… But They Do See Me Drive – Washington Post

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I spend a great deal of time traveling with my kids, taking them to incredible locales, on amazing adventures, and generally choosing to take our chaos on the road as often as possible, then writing it all down.

Throughout our adventures, I’m usually the one driving them around. MBH is often elsewhere for work, and the brunt of parenting and feeding and raising our two energetic explorers often falls on my shoulders alone, though we try to model good examples of a shared life when we’re together. It’s so important that kids see both of us doing laundry, and cooking dinner, and cleaning bathrooms, and it’s something we’ve made the conscious effort to show.

So when my son asked ahead of a recent trip if I could drive, I almost laughed. I’m not the driver when we’re together as a family – and I’m okay with that. But to my son, not only am I the rightful driver, that means my husband is not.

It got me thinking about how our children see our roles, and what they truly think of the work they see – and don’t see – us do, and I was fortunate to be able to write those thoughts down with The Washington Post!

I’d love to know what your kids think of your work – and what they see your role as at home. Does it change as they grow older?

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