Best of SavvyTokyo – 2017

Two of my articles were among the top 10 most popular pieces for Savvy Tokyo in 2017! It’s so astonishing as a writer to know that a) anyone is reading anything you write and that b) it resonates with them. It made my heart happy to hear this news! Both the pieces – and the…

How Japan Raises Resilient Children

Learning about Nana korobi ya oki — “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

The Japanese Way of Disciplining Children

How are Japanese families disciplining their children — and how are they eliciting good behavior in the first place? I wasn’t the only American mother asking this question.

Best of SavvyTokyo 2016

Pretty astonished and thrilled that my first piece for SavvyTokyo ended up being their most popular for 2016 – and it was only published in November! Read more – and other great pieces about Japan – here: The Best Of Savvy Tokyo For 2016

The Gorgeous Winter Wonderland of Nikko, Japan

Just after Thanksgiving, we decided to take advantage of the long weekend (thanks American holidays!) to drive up to a gorgeous city in Japan, Nikko. We’d heard it was beautiful and serene, and those both seemed like things we’d really appreciate with a new three-month-old in our household. So we packed both our kids up…

Shinagawa Aqua Park

Oh, the Shinagawa Aqua Park was absolutely one of our most fun days in Tokyo. My daughter was still brand-new and the day dawned rainy, so I definitely wasn’t in the mood to ‘go out,’ let alone on an adventure nearly an hour away from our house. But my handsome son had a modeling audition,…

CupNoodle Museum

One of the most beloved foods in all of Japan is the simple cup of noodles. It’s something I was familiar with before our move, so I’d put off a trip to the museum in Yokohama, saving it for a rainy day. That was a mistake. This museum is AWESOME. I went with a friend,…