Where I’m Going


  1. Stay fluent in Italian
  2. Visit Australia
  3. Work for a company I love
  4. Begin learning Japanese
  5. Learn to play the ‘Charlie Brown’ song on the piano
  6. Take an art class
  7. Go on a cruise
  8. Have a dog
  9. Own my own home
  10. Learn to cook
  11. Have a retirement account
  12. Pay off loans
  13. Keep 3 months living expenses in savings – and don’t touch it!
  14. Get married
  15. Work in NYC, DC, London or LA
  16. Work abroad
  17. Have a kid
  18. Learn 3 songs on guitar
  19. Run a 5k
  20. Visit a fortune teller
  21. Learn to sail
  22. Draft novel
  23. Publish novel
  24. Become more politically active
  25. Actually send out Christmas cards
  26. Go to the opera
  27. Visit a shooting range
  28. Volunteer at the shelter regularly
  29. Learn to knit
  30. Visit batting cages
  31. Visit elephants in the wild
  32. Take a hot air balloon ride
  33. Become proficient with my camera
  34. Learn more about capsule wardrobes
  35. Write a screenplay
  36. Visit South America
  37. Go on a safari
  38. Be instrumental in the passage of a law
  39. Run for office
  40. Adopt another dog

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